About Bobbi

It always is difficult for me to tell about myself. I either ramble forever about the things I am or become stumped and say nothing. So, here goes, I am a wife, mother of three children and three children-in-laws and a grandmother of two. I am a teacher of young children and young adults. I am a sister, aunt, cousin, and friend.  My family and friends are extremely important to me and I love to spend time with them. Some of the things I enjoy are old movies, road trips and antiquing (actually it would be more accurate to call it junking rather than antiquing). When I have the time and energy I enjoy crafty things and scrapbooking. In order to scrapbook one needs pictures so playing with cameras is something that I consider fun, too.  It would be presumptuous to say I am a “photographer” because I’m not really that great with the camera! On rare occasions, I enjoy sewing. It would appear that a new interest for me is blogging.


6 thoughts on “About Bobbi”

  1. Laurel "Lolly" Anderson said:

    Bobbi, I just came across your blog…from my Facebook page which I obviously don’t use much! Thank you for sharing all the things you did about Caroline…it seems so hard to believe. I think of her every day for many reasons- but one is that I use the beautiful linen tea towels she gave me to clean my glasses which I do many many times a day. She was gracious, artful, light-hearted- Carol/Caroline lives our in hearts. Lolly

    • Lolly, your words are so kind. It does seem hard to believe. Thank you for sharing. I am reminded of her 60th birthday when we all went around the table and gave one word descriptions of her! Memories are sweet.

  2. I love you and all your ramblings. You are also a wonderful listener, shoulder to cry on and mother-in-law. I like this blog idea. Keep sharing.

  3. Bobbie Koppelman said:

    Ramble on my love, ramble on……

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