About this blog

When my sister died I felt an overwhelming frustration and curiosity about the reasons we don’t talk about the things in life that are difficult, death being one of those things. Memories of my father, grandparents and several very good friends dying during my life overwhelmed me terribly during the time I spent with my sister before she died. It seemed logical to begin journaling about those memories and feelings which then led to writing a blog, which by the way, I find to be just a bit scary! This blog is about my journey, from hearing the news of my sister’s illness to her death and the weeks and months afterwards.  It is my hope that through reading about my struggles, emotions and thoughts, others might find comfort, hope, and closure with their own grief. As time has passed, I find that I don’t always want to post something related to death and dying. Because of this, my blog is ever changing. Sometimes, I write about other things. I won’t ignore my original purpose but I will just write as I feel led on any particular day . . . . death, life, travel, observations,  . . . . .


4 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Debbie Shores said:

    My daughter-in-law’s mother died this morning. I just sat down and read straight through your writings/musings/struggles/insights. Thanks, Bobbi, for opening up your heart. We miss you in Stillwater! Debbie S.

    • You are welcome Debbie. I hope my words were helpful to you. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter-in-law’s mother. I miss Stillwater, too.

  2. It is a struggle to deal with the death of a loved one and something that people tend to NOT talk about with each other. I just write my feelings, right or wrong. It brings me joy to know that my words are helpful to someone else. thank you

  3. Bobbi-
    Much strength and gentleness to you. Thank you for these posts. As I struggle to talk about dying with a loved one in the process of… any guidance is appreciated.

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