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As I was making a cup of coffee the other day, I poured in the creamer, started chuckling, and got a smile on my face. It reminded me of when I was helping my sister during her last few weeks of life. Everyday I’d make her a cup of coffee and put creamer in it. When I took it to her, if it wasn’t the ‘right color’ she would say “take it back and do it over. It should be the color of a paper grocery sack.” I would go back downstairs and start over. Starting over typically consisted of either putting more coffee or more milk in the cup. Some days’ chocolate was added to it and I drank it while waiting for more coffee to brew. On one day in particular, I went up and back down three different times. After going up with the third cup of coffee and being told it wasn’t the right color, I thought good grief, how exact does this need to be any way? It irritated me greatly and I grouchily said “hush and just drink it.” She did so begrudgingly. The next day, I found a tray and put the coffee, some creamer, and a spoon on it and took it upstairs. She glared at me and then poured her own creamer tersely saying “see, it isn’t that difficult.” I was thinking it apparently was or I wouldn’t have been up and down the stairs so many times. After a several days, I was not sent down quite so often. Sometimes I think she just did this because she could. She liked to be in control of things and I suppose this was one way she could be in control of her situation. This is what makes me smile, the little things. Memories help us remember the person. Even annoying things turn sweet once they are no longer here to annoy us. If you drink coffee, go get a cup and pour cream in it until it turns the color of a brown grocery sack, then; think about those people in your life that are dear to you and smile.