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Since this blog is about death and dying I will take a moment to mourn the death of my flashdrive. Yes, I said my flashdrive AND for me it is a tragedy. It had all of my journaling on it along with all the information from every class I have ever taught. Oh, and my resume`. For most this may seem trivial but for me it is not.

The loss of my journal is probably what bothers me more than anything else. Originally, it was on my home computer then I transferred it to my laptop. Because I worked between the two computers, I put it all on my flashdrive and took it off of my computers. BIG MISTAKE! Don’t do that, ever! I have learned a huge lesson . . . always back up your work! That being said, I’m sad. Very sad. Seriously sad. The journals I wrote while my sister was dying were on that flashdrive. The things I wrote after she died and beyond were on it, too. I’m not sure I can ever replicate what I wrote previously or if I would even want to do so. There were emotions, feelings, thoughts written which will never be replaced. It is similar to loosing pictures except these were snapshots of my thoughts. We have taken the departed to a computer shop to see if possibly it can be revived. So far nothing, but I am not giving up hope until I am told it is gone!

So, today, I’m mourning the loss of my flashdrive. It holds some precious memories and it makes me terribly sad they are gone. I’m angry at myself for being so foolish as to think a flashdrive could live forever. In the meantime, I’ll try to reach into the far corners of my brain and see if I can pull any memories of former musings back out again.

Have any of you ever done something like this?