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This picture was taken in the late 60’s or very early 70’s. Kelly was only about 2, maybe 3 years old.

It has been one year since my sister departed this world. I looked back at my journal post from the day she died. I am feeling much of the same emotions today I did one year ago, but I do have to admit my emotions are no longer spinning out of control; at least, I don’t think they are. You would probably need to ask my husband for an accurate description of this. I have had moments during the past two weeks where my emotions have leaked from my eyes non-stop. Carol would not want me, other family members, or her friends to dwell on the sadness of her departure from this world, she would want us to dwell on the memories we made with her while she was here.

One of the things she asked us (her son Kelly and I, et al) to do was to spread her ashes in a variety of places. We spent quite some time talking and laughing about the “Ashes to Ashes World Tour” prior to her death. (This was discussed in the post dated 6/02/11, but I’m not sure exactly when it was posted, just in case you are inclined to read it.) So far, I have spread them in OKC at our father’s grave and at the Rocky Comfort, MO cemetery where we have several generations of grandparents, great aunts and great uncles. There are many more places to visit and it will happen eventually. Believe it or not, I haven’t spread any where I live, maybe I should do that.

This is a picture I took in an alley in the downtown Stillwater area last summer. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the street artist was so I cannot give him or her credit. I think it would make a great “Ashes to Ashes World Tour” t-shirt. What do you think?

Carol loved to travel, not just around the USA, but to places such as France, Italy, and Nepal, to name a few. She once ate breakfast with an orangutan. She held a big Gila monster. She rode though a jungle on top of an elephant. I always loved to listen to the stories of the places she had been and of her adventures. She was much more adventuresome than I think I will ever be! France was by far her destination of choice with Paris being her favorite city. She always told me Paris was her favorite place on earth and often talked of moving there to which I always protested quite loudly. My hope is to go to Paris one day and visit all of her favorite places.

As I started writing this post, I was crying. As I am reflecting on the life of my sister, I am smiling through those tears. That is what she would want, smiles. She brought smiles to many people’s faces. I miss her today, well; I miss her often, but today much more so than usual. Tears. Loving memories. Smiles. She will always be missed but never forgotten.