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When did face book become a political hate forum? Has anyone else noticed the inordinate amount of postings related to politics which have surfaced over the past several months? Has anyone else noticed how much hatred shows in those posts? The name calling rivals that which was heard during recess while in elementary school.  (Insert your favorite insults here.) One would think that a group of allegedly educated, civil people would be able to discuss political issues without slinging slurs back and forth to each other or resorting to childish name calling. Democrats and republicans are equally guilty of only accepting that which their respective parties have on their agendas. Where are the days of reading and researching the issues and making informed decisions based on not only the facts but also what is best for the good of all regardless of what party supports it? When did we become so wrapped up in supporting a specific political party we are unable to see the forest for the trees? I, for one, am becoming rather tired of people from both political groups blaming everything which is wrong with our country and society on the other party. Maybe everyone needs to take a deep breath, count to ten and try to think of ways we can make compromises both parties can live with; nowhere is it written or promised that you always get your way or things are always fair. Life is not fair. In our early years of school we learn to be kind, to take turns and to use our words to tell people how we feel. THEN, we are told to come up with a solution all persons involved can live with which often means we must negotiate and compromise. Isn’t that a novel idea? I suppose the question I have for all those people who feel the need to badmouth others for their political or religious views is this: “why can’t we all just be friends and find a way to get along?”