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Today we hung out at the house. I showed Dave the pictures we had found, the things Kathryn wanted but couldn’t take home on the plane and some of Carol’s chef shirts we had found. I also showed him the family pictures of our ancestors we had found on her computer. One of Dave’s hobbies is genealogy research so he was quite pleased to have these pictures.  I shared the memories of the last days with my sister, all that we had done since her death, and we laughed cried. It was so good to be able to share with him face to face again and not just via emails, texts and phone calls. When the person you love is not with you, there is a hole in your heart no one or anything can fill. Having it filled back up again is indescribable.

Dave was able to experience steak night tonight. Walking into the bar tonight was like going somewhere familiar. It truly is a place where “everyone knows your name.” Having only been there once before, I didn’t expect it to happen, but it did. As we walked out to the patio we stopped and said hello, gave hugs, and introduced Dave. Now he has become a part of Kelly and Krista’s “village.” Again, we chatted and laughed as we ate our dinner.  After it became chilly outside, we went inside to continue the talking and laughing. When we left I felt replenished and relaxed.

It was a good day today. Being surrounded by the love of my husband, my nephew and niece, and their friends somehow helped to ease my pain. The tears flowed occasionally but they did not pour. When they did flow my husband’s arms wrapped around me and they slowly subsided. I feel I can forge ahead with my life and it will get better.