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Early this morning I had to take Kathryn to the airport. Her visit was too short but very welcomed. She was the support that was needed this weekend and it was quite difficult for me to send her back home. I cried most of the way back to house.

While she was here, we sorted through the things in Carol’s closet and determined those things which could be taken to the resale shop and those things that would be important to keep. We had Krista come and go through the things we felt were important and determined those things that Kelly would be interested in having. Kathryn took a few of the other items for herself and I took a few things. It took us several hours and a few tearful meltdowns to accomplish this task. One of the hardest parts about going through her things was the smell of her perfume which had permeated the clothing. It brought memories and emotions to the surface.

 We decided to try to go through a few boxes that were in the garage and found a box filled with costume jewelry. We brought it inside and asked Krista to come go through it with us. Her friend Cat joined us. We had so much fun looking through it all. More than once we said “Carol, what WERE you thinking?” She had some very odd and interesting pieces. We each took a few items but left most of it for Kelly and Krista to deal with later. We found another box filled with photographs. We all (Kelly included) had a very good time sorting through the pictures. There were pictures of my family, pictures of Kelly when he was quite young, pictures of friends and many pictures from Carol’s travels.  There was also several pictures of people we didn’t know which I found to be frustrating although, I’m not really sure why. Was it because it was a part of her that I didn’t know? Silly really because she was eleven years older than me and there would naturally be many things in her life about which I wouldn’t know. I suppose it is grief that is causing the frustration.

Kathryn and I also walked to a coffee shop, a different one than I had gone to a few days earlier. It was a neat little place with a personality of its own. The muffins were delectable and the coffee was good. We had a very nice chat while there. We also went to a birthday party for Krista and Kelly’s friend Cat. Everyone in their “village” helped prepare the house and yard for the day. The cookout began around 5:30ish. People came and went throughout the evening . . . some stayed the whole time, others for a few hours. Kathryn and I left about 11:00 or so and it was still in full swing! When we got back over to the house we sat in the living room chatting. Kelly came over to get something and he joined us. We talked about Carol for quite some time. It was a tearful discussion. We shared feelings that had been under the surface for years which was very cleansing.

Dave arrives this afternoon!!  YIPEE!!!!! It has been four weeks since I have seen him and I miss him terribly.