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Today’s journal entry is very random in nature. This blog page does not do it justice. The words were written in different ways: darker, lighter, wavy, tiny, big, curly, straight, block, etc. The way these words were written expressed how the word was making me feel in the moment they were written. Unfortunately, there are no fonts to show my feelings the way my handwriting did. You will be forced to use your imagination. Looking back at this journal entry, I am at a loss as to whether parts of it were written to give me clues for writing later or if I was so tired and grief-stricken I wasn’t able to write. I have decided to post it exactly as it was written; disjointed, broken and random.  



Sadness-Depression-Feeling better-Sadness-Depression-Anger-Sadness-Feeling better-Sadness

Death changes things – relationships with self, with others.

Reminisce – share stories, laugh, cry, frustration – expression of love, being proud – wonder about relationships – acceptance tears

DEATH fear STORIES tears hahahahahahahah! FRUSTRATION!!!!! Pride Love ANGER acceptance

Starts all over again!

When will it end?