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We decided that it would be a good idea to get the carpet cleaned since there had been so many accidents during the past week. Krista made the arrangements to get it done before Kathryn’s arrival on the 25th. After the carpet was dry we moved the bed I had been sleeping in back into the room. It had been occupying space in Kelly’s office. I’m sure he was glad to have it out of there so he could have his space back. I was so tired that I didn’t even think about it being the room that Carol had occupied. The only real evidence that she had been there was the white board that had phone numbers and other information on it along with the drawings that Levi and Milo had made for her. For some strange reason, I wasn’t able to bring myself to erase all of those things.

I took a walk to the coffee shop one morning. It was very relaxing to get out and walk.

The houses in the neighborhood are older and I enjoyed looking at the different architecture and the gardens with the different flowers, shrubs and such.


The weather here is so pleasant, cool but not cold and never really hot, at least I don’t think so. Everyone else has been complaining about the heat but I am usually chilly. At home it is in the triple digits and has been for weeks. It has been one of the hottest summers on record.  The coffee shop was warm and welcoming. It was very different from the one I go to at home but it had the same feeling of comfort. I sat, drank my coffee, ate my muffin and watched people come and go wondering what their stories were and if it was obvious how sad I felt.

The sadness come and goes. One minute a happy memory enters my head and the next a sad one. It is rather like a very slow roller coaster. It is strange. As much as I love Krista and Kelly, I miss my own family, especially Dave. It is times like this that you want them to be near you and not half-way across the country.