Today Carol has taken a turn for the worse. She was having difficulty breathing and wasn’t able to talk much and when she did it was very difficult to understand. We had the nurse come early and she has changed her meds and she is now getting a little more morphine. She is sleeping the majority of the time and when she isn’t sleeping she is panicky. She doesn’t like it one bit, feeling panicked or taking more morphine. The problem with lung cancer is that it slowly suffocates you. In order to keep her from feeling like she can’t breathe we have to give her meds that cause her to be tired. It sucks. The nurse ordered a bedside potty to be delivered tomorrow. I had to change the sheets twice yesterday. We have given up on even trying to make it into the bathroom and have put bed liners on the bed so that I don’t have to change everything each time. She does NOT like being this way and I do NOT like seeing her this way.