I think this weekend absolutely wore Carol out. She has been sleeping a lot more today and barely talking. We have “watched” a lot of movies today but in reality she slept through most of them.


     Today, Carol asked me to go through her dresser drawers and get things ready to send to the resale shop. Some things she just had me throw away. She kept a few things which were special to her. I saved the scarves to go through later. I’m going to have Ashlin and Kelsey (her granddaughters) each choose one or two for themselves and then I will choose one or two for myself, Kathryn, and Hilary. The rest will go to the resale shop. She wanted me to go through the closet also but she is sleeping and I don’t want to bother her.  Later today, a lady is coming to give her a manicure and pedicure.  She is very excited about it, especially the pedicure. Kelly has been trying for a while to find someone who will come to the house and it hasn’t been an easy task. I think she would have liked it better had it happened before her birthday but it just didn’t work out.

     She seemed to enjoy the mani and pedi. It appeared to really lift her spirits, there’s just something about having your nails done that makes you feel good all over.

     It is sometimes hard to be here, but I am so glad I am. Daily she tells me she is glad I’m here. People ask me how long I’m going to stay and I always tell them “until they tell me to leave or school starts, whichever comes first!” Daily, her condition worsens a little bit. When I first arrived she walked to the bathroom herself with a walker. Now, she gets in the wheelchair and I push her. She has said more than once since my arrival “I don’t like living this way.” How do you respond to that? I hate it that she is living this way, too. I am emotionally exhausted.