Our routine was about the same today: coffee; breakfast; fifteen or so trips up and down the stairs retrieving the things Carol needed to get ready for her friends to come and visit; me getting ready as fast as I could while Carol texted me saying “hurry up”. She seems to want me by her side all the time. I don’t really mind at all but I do need to shower now and again. Kris and Sean called and said they were going to bring lunch today. They arrived early afternoon with a spread of all the French cheeses Carol loves along with two different pate`s, pears, grapes and of course Carol’s favorite wine. They didn’t know she had stopped drinking wine because it no longer tasted good to her. While K and S were getting everything ready, Carol decided that eating out on the patio would be nice. Krista cleaned the table and gathered chairs for everyone. Kelly put Carol in the wheelchair and wheeled her to the patio door. There was a stupid stair, again. I was thinking it would be another ordeal but it really wasn’t too bad. She managed it quite well. She sat in the wheelchair while outside. Rhoda arrived just before the boys finished preparing the tray. It was a beautiful day again today; not too hot, not too cold, with a slight breeze. We had a delightful time chatting, eating and laughing. Around 4:30 or so Carol decided it was time to go inside. I just sat and watched. Too many people trying to help turns it into a difficult task. Everyone stayed a while longer and we chatted while Carol dozed.

Another good day.

I am really tired tonight. Hopefully I will sleep a bit better than last night. The sofa is really comfortable, you sort of sink down into it and it wraps its “arms” around you, but the oxygen machine is starting to become annoying! I probably shouldn’t be mad at a machine but I am! If she didn’t need it she would be OK, right? Well, she needs it and she is not OK. Damn it! This really does suck.

Sadie, Stacy’s dog, is staying with us tonight. She is lying between Carol and I with her head right next to Carol. She likes to be with Carol and Carol enjoys having her around. She is a big dog, part black lab and as sweet as she can be. It is nice to have her around.