Today, my eyes were quite swollen. Make-up does wonders! Just three more days of school but it feels like it’s going to be weeks. Each day I am home is one less day I could be spending with my sister. I wish I could just leave today and forget these last few days of school. It is so hard to teach when all you want to do is cry. How long am I going to feel so sad, depressed and angry? 

     Dave got me a one way ticket to Portland today. He said “you’ll just change the return anyway so why even bother to get one?” We decided that he would drive up to Portland to get me when I am ready to come home and we would take our time going home. We’ve never been to that part of the U.S. so it should be a nice trip home for us. Right now, I just want to be there with her. Please God, help me make through the next few days.